Well, that did not take long

I was just watching The Rachel Maddow Show, and they were talking about the Holocaust Museum shooting. Underneath video of the scene, there was a caption that said this was the SECOND shooting inspired by Right Wing Extremism! Here they go….

Via NewsBusters

Salon.com Editor-in-Chief Joan Walsh, on Wednesday night’s “Hardball,” cited “conservatives” like Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin and Bill O’Reilly for “whipping up” a climate that sparks the likes of alleged Holocaust Museum shooter James Von Brunn and “Hardball” host Chris Matthews wondered if access to guns were to blame for the tragedy as he cried, “It’s easier to get your hands on a gun than to get somebody to make you a waffle.” Blaming Limbaugh while insisting she was not, Walsh charged:

And Joan Walsh was not alone in her tragedy pimping either again from The Busters!

Truly disgusting! Sister Toldjah has more

The Other McCain has lots on this, and points out that the shooter was a journalism major. Hmmm using the Left;s logic, journalism schools are to blame I guess

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