Why is Michelle Malkin laughing?


Someone at the DaleyGator loves me!
Someone at the DaleyGator loves me!


Well, it darn sure ain’t over the latest Letterman jokes, it might be because Crazy Uncle Joe is Gaffing up a storm again, but I think she is really laughing at all the Liberal hacks who have made such an effort to be as mean and nasty to her over the years.

Really, I mean Michelle has received such vile hatred that I am bestowing upon her my most prestigious award! The Politically Incorrect Award, has only been given out twice before. Once to Hooters, for being so offensive to radical feminists, and to R S McCain for thinking up National Offend a Feminist Week.

So, I am honored to make Michelle the third inductee into my Politically Incorrect Hall of Fame. So, now we know why Michelle is so happy!

Congrats Michelle! And again, thanks for inspiring me to start blogging!

One thought on “Why is Michelle Malkin laughing?”

  1. Hey, don’t be so quick to jump to conclusions. (ie Lefty hate of Malkin.)

    I am a way-left-lefty and I love it when Malkin comes on TV. I hate her politics, but when she’s on, I don’t hear a word she says. I just sit there, smiling and drooling as she makes the same French horn sounds that all the adults in the Charlie Brown cartoons do.

    I could watch her all day. Seriously.

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