Did I say feminists were nutty?

Ah, yes, yes I did. When Playboy ran a childish, hateful piece by some pinhead about the ten Conservative women he wanted to “hatef###” many folks were rightfully outraged.

It was heartening to see a Liberal feminist show some outrage over this too, until, of course, that feminist decided that one woman on the list “had it coming”

Teri Christoph, whom I have never met, asked me to stand up for conservative women who were maligned by an online article on Playboy magazine’s website. The article has since been taken off the site, but the gist of it was, indeed, disgusting, sexist, of course pornographic, and demeaning to conservative women. The article contained a list of conservative female media commentators whom the author said men would like to, er, have sex with but hate at the same time, or something nonsensical like that. Ms. Christoph sent me a link to a cached page of the now removed article

A couple of caveats are in order. First, I probably disagree politically with much of SmartGirlPolitics.org’s agenda–I know I disagree completely with the group’s position on abortion rights. But as a nonpartisan, I’m also a firm believer in supporting all members of my gender when attacked due to their gender. I am supporting these women herewith.

I also want to note that at least one woman on the list is so venom-spewing, she unfortunately invites venom to be shot back at her: Michelle Malkin. Her posts and her “routine” are so venomous and predictable, in fact, I stopped paying attention to her years ago.

Others on the list, however, are not venom-spewing at all. One woman mentioned on the atlasshrugs2000 blog is a regular guest on my PBS show. Amanda Carpenter, on the show at least, eschews personal judgment of people with whom she disagrees politically. So her inclusion on the Playboy list is much more offensive to me than is the inclusion of Ms. Malkin, although their political views may not differ greatly.

Well, there you have it, some women DO deserve such abhorrent degrading accrding to the author of this piece. Since Michelle Malkin does not conduct herself as the hack thinks she ought to, well……. Personally. I cannot imagine how anyone can hate this beautiful face or the bright, patriotic, and energetic lady it belongs to!

Doug's blogging role model
Doug's blogging role model

It must be that Liberal tolerance again! 

Little  Miss Attilla also defends Michelle

2 thoughts on “Did I say feminists were nutty?”

  1. .
    Neo-Liberalism is a mental disease. Conservative women are HOTter! But it’s not hard to imagine the justified ‘Liberal’ outrage if say, Hustler Magazine ran a disgusting parody where Rush, Hannity, Beck, Savage and Ann Coulter gang-rape and tickle-torture Katie Couric, the PIAPS, and then Nancy Pelosi.

    Imagine. The outrage would last for months in the MSM. There would be calls for firings and boycotts. NOW would be apoplectic. Poor little outraged, hypocritical Libs.


    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    joke about raping women

    if they are conservative
    EVIL freedom lovers…

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    sex is the height of evil

    so is photography
    but not pornography

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    always rape women…

    who are conservative
    they’re just gender traitors

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