Saturday morning linkfest!

To start out let’s look to Warner Todd Huston who is silly enough to think that Big Brother regulating garage sales is a bad idea. I mean the feds controlling garage sales? What could EVER go wrong there?

Next, Weasel Zippers finds out that Reagan was going to open a can on Iran’s fanatical arsses in 1985 if…….

Lance Burri has news that population control wackos are orgasmic that global warming is going to kill us all or something like that. Well, the god news is that if we are all, dead, we will not have to worry about Sonia Sotomayor’s anti-constitutional views on gun rights anyway!

Just a random thught here, it is odd that when I was persusing this fine blog today, I suddenly wanted to eat cake! I know, it is crazy.

Back to more serious issues, like the news that another Leftist douchebag has lost his ability to reach Obamagasm! Oh well, there is always the reading of Stacy McCain’s Full Metal Jacket Reach Around posts to cheer the suddenly Obamagasmly challenged!

Texas Rainmaker is wondering why the Obama administration is OK with racist thugs intimidating voters. I would like to know that myself. I also would like to know how anyone could be intimidated by these asshats? I know those two would not try that here in Texas, not for long anyway.

Sweetness and Light reports that cookies are the only way to get terrorists to talk! Well, not just any cookies of course. Only sugar-free cookies you silly people!

No Sheeples has some great reach around action going too, including a link to my latest piece at Not One Red Cent

Michelle Malkin brings us word that the White House wants to send a message to anyone criticizing the stimulus package. That message is ,  SHUT UP!

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