I guess some minorities are more equal than others!


Slublog catches the NY Tmes in some racial double standards where Sonia Sotomayor and Clarence Thomas are concerned. According to the Times Sotomayor is a great choice and a step towards greater diversity. Remember kids diversity, when approved of by the Left is good!

But, diversity, when it is not stamped with the Liberal Seal of Approval, well, is nothing but divisive!

See, minorities who are Liberal are GOOD! Minorities who are Conservative are BAD! The Liberal logic teaches that minorities are SUPPOSED to be Liberal! If not, then they are to be scorned!

Funny, to me, that whole business of trying to tie political ideology to skin color sounds kind of, well,  racist!

One thought on “I guess some minorities are more equal than others!”

  1. Ah, but you seem to be forgetting. Sotomayor is Hispanic, Clarence Thomas is black, at least on the outside, so BOTH are “ethnic or racial minorities,” however that is where the similarities end.

    You see Clarence Thomas is what is called a token. And so are most of the prominent so-called “black conservatives.” Men like Alan Keyes, J.C. Watts, Michael Steele. The GOP likes its house negroes. If an African-American is an Uncle Tom that is good and if he is a self-hating black person in the style of Clayton Bigsby (the blind black Klansman from the Chappelle Show), that is better from a right-wing perspective.

    The reason why I say Clarence Thomas is a token is because George Bush I decided to replace Thurgood Marshall (who was the first African-American on the Supreme Court), an intelligent and capable justice, with a candidate of questionable intelligence, judgment, and sanity who just so happened to be black. Why didn’t the elder Bush select a more qualified African-American candidate, or a more qualified candidate regardless? It seems suspicious that Clarence “Uncle” Thomas was selected because the Republicans wanted another moronic drone to do their bidding on the Supreme Court, and Clarence Thomas gives them diversity points. Smells like affirmative action to me…

    As an exception, Colin Powell is a Black Republican but he is hated by the self-appointed (post-Bush) GOP leadership. There are a couple intelligent, level-headed Black commentators on the Right wing of the spectrum, notably Walter E. Williams and Thomas Sowell. Unfortunately, Williams is a bit nutty at times and Sowell, despite his once insightful writing, seems to have been kissing the asses of the neoconservative cabal as of late.

    There are respectable “conservatives of color,” but they are rare. While one should not expect an absolute correlation between race and political leanings in America, if you understood the demographics (and the history of the racial and ethnic groups in America), you would understand why there is disparity of political affiliations among different racial groups.

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