Video- All you really need to know about Sonia Sotomayor

Take a look  and say those two magic words the Left just loves to say when they are making love Judicial Activism!

I know this because, well, I dated a Liberal gal for a few months. And upon those magic moments she would scream “Judicial Activism” or ” Tax Increases” or maybe “Global Warming” but when she screamed “Al Gore”, I was out of there!

Anyway, enough about my conquests or failed realtionships, watch the video

Of course, Sotomayor is much more than just a judicial activist, she is also a racist! And by that, I mean she fully supports denying certain people of certain races things they have earned in order to give those things to people of “preferred” races. And to those who will gasp and say, I am being mean, and should be more like the Meghan McCain Republican, I say no. I am being brutally honest! And I would remind them all that, as, some Other, better McCain said the politics of niceness is overrated! So, again, I have always believed in calling out the Left and their often racist ideals and so does Rush!

YES! He is right! What would the Left say about a Conservative who DARED to question racial quotas? Yep! Racist! And the hack in the video that calls Rush a racist would be the first one screaming that they were racist!

Also take a look at what Sister Toldjah has to say about Sonia “Quota”mayor as well. She thinks the confirmation will be quick and easy, but I have my doubts. I think if the Reoublicans really dig their heels in and get the truth out about Sotomayor, we may derail her!

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