Where “free” health care leads

Nothing is free, anyone with a lick of sense realizes this. Yesterday I told y’all that the Nanny Staters were looking to tax sodas to help pay for health care. I also made a prediction in that post

OK, sure soda taxes, then what? Since that tax will only begin to pay for Nanny Care, what else needs taxing? What other legal product can they tax? What other behavior can they punish? Extra taxes on beef? Candy? Ice Cream? Hamburgers? BBQ? Anything that they deem to high in fat, salt, sugar, calories, etc?

Well, sometimes being right is great, sometimes you wish you hadvnot been right. This is such a case. Today Q and O brings us news that there are HUNDREDS of things the Nany Staters are dreaming of targeting “for our own good”

The beverage-tax proposal would apply to drinks that many Americans don’t consider unhealthy — such as PepsiCo’s Gatorade and Kraft’s Capri Sun — based on their calorie content.

Health advocates are floating other so-called sin tax proposals and food regulations as part of the government’s health-care overhaul. Mr. Jacobson also plans to propose Tuesday that the government sharply raise taxes on alcohol, move to largely eliminate artificial trans fat from food and move to reduce the sodium content in packaged and restaurant food.

The beverage tax is just one of hundreds of ideas that lawmakers are weighing to finance the health-care plans. They’re expected to narrow the list in coming weeks.

Free? No, nothing is free, there is ALWAYS a price attached ALWAYS! The question is what price are you willing to pay? How muc of your life are you willing to allow Statists to micro-manage?

Sure, they tell us that they will tax “bad things” so that we will be less inclined to engage in those “bad things”. OK, but they also tell us they must tax these things to pay for health care. Now, if the money to pay for care is dependent upon our buying those “bad things”. What happens if we stop buying them? Where will the money to pay come from then? Other things will have to be taxed, tax rates will have to be raised to pay for what we were told was a right. The other alternative will be to cut costs in other ways. In this case health care will have to be rationed. The government will have to decide what treatments you can receive. Think about where this leads. Really think about it.

Now, think again about how much this “free” care that is our “right” will cost us all? Money? Freedom? Our very lives ultimately?

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