Video-Olbermann takes Douchebaggery to new lows

H/T The Other McCain I will post some comments in the morning, I am wiped out, been up for 19 hours, and am going to hit the sack!

Well, what can I add to that childish behavior? Is there a more laughable thing to witness than two men who are NOT funny, NOT clever, and NOT intelligent patting themselves on the back for being oh so funny, clever, and intelligent? Kind of like Woody Allen lecturing parents of adopted children on ethics isn’t it?

Funny thing is this. These two intellectual midgets never say WHY they think Carrie Prejean is wrong. They also never actually listened to her answer to the question about Gay marriage.

In essence, she said she was in favor of States deciding, but for HER, PERSONALLY, it was between a man and a woman. Are people not allowed opinions? or personal views? Or must those opinions be screened by the likes of Olbermann and his sidekick?

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