Video- Joe Biden actually gets some tough questions

Whoa Joe! What a treat to see a Democrat actually grilled on real questions and issues. Darn pleasing

I especially enjoyed how Biden got that stupid smirk on his face every time he got a tough question. My favorite was where Biden insists Obama isn’t for “spreading the wealth around”, despite the fact that that is EXACTLY what Obama said. And please note how quickly Biden gets that elitist tone in his voice when the anchor presses him. H/T to Michelle Malkin, who also informs us that after the Biden interview, the Obama campaign was so outraged that they canceled an interview that Biden’s wife was scheduled for.

In a statement Friday, Adrianne Marsh, Florida spokeswoman for Obama’s campaign, said the station, in talking with Sen. Biden, was “both combative and woefully uninformed about simple facts.” Marsh said West’s insistence that Obama was an organizer for ACORN was “100 percent false.” “In a line of questioning that would make Rush Limbaugh proud, West even went as far as to quote Karl Marx, a Communist icon, in a disturbing attempt to associate Barack Obama with socialism,” Marsh wrote. West said, “I think I asked him some pointed questions. . . . I don’t think I was rude or inconsiderate to him.” — HB

18 thoughts on “Video- Joe Biden actually gets some tough questions”

  1. This is the kind of information that needs to be released to the national news so the people can realize how one sided the assoc press is, the Dem party has had a easy ride through the entire election . it is a shame the true facts were so ignored and hidden from the public for so long.

  2. You would think that he would have welcomed the opportunity to clear up all these issues, especially when she was asking about both candidate’s own statements. This would have been considered a softball interview by a Republican candidate. These guys are going to have to match wits and wills with guys like Putin. I feel sorry for the small democracies all over the world that count on us for survival. The State of Israel better ready itself for the worst if those spineless empty suits get into the white house. I’m sure their cabinet will be made of politicians just like them.

  3. Way to go, some good questions, you should have really nailed him harder!
    Let’s face it, if he cannot answer a question of any kind directly, then he does not need to be seeking that seat!
    She only slapped him slightly with those questions, when in this current election allot is at stake, she should have punched him with allot of real hard questions, come one, we want the best running our Country. And Barack Hussein Obama and Joe (the womanizer, as many on the Hill know) Biden are not it!

  4. Please, people, Joe was nothing but grace under fire. Her partisanship was so evident, and, when you see the softball interview she did with old man McCain, you see that she is a right wing hack. Obama/ Biden 2008!!!!

  5. Vicki, come on. Those were very fair questions, and Biden was clearly afraid to answer them in an honest fashion. He, like Obama, is an empty suit.
    It is shameful that the Democrats cannot be intellectually honest enough to not only answer tough questions, but welcome them.

  6. Miki, Biden and Obama want nothing to do with serouos debate. Recall McCain challenged Obama to a series of debates, and Obama backed off.

  7. Had or as the truth of whom Obama, Biden and the left, actually far meft represent, would scare you into a panic. That is why all tactics to stop the vetting of Obama is being done. Yes, Obama is a Marxist, as his trail of Alliances and friends will disclose. This interview is a direct hit that shoould be and should have been the tenant of the Media in bringing to light Truth. We are about to vote into office the powers that will swiftly move the USA from a freedom centered Naiton to one like that of the Former Soviet Union. A day will come when you have to get permission to buy a car and where to buy it. What size house you need will be decided by the Committee. And it is the same committee that may let you use the communittee boat, only if their relatives are done with it. Wake up America and give this Nation four more years to clean up it’s act, elect Judges that will put our Nation back to our constitution and change the tax structure to create manufacturing jobs in this Nation again, thus giving the poor opportunity to prosper. Elect McCain/Palin and then join us in our push to remove produciton taxes and input the consumption tax plan called the

  8. Poor Joe Biden!
    First he doesn’t know the difference in the first two articles of our Constitution.
    Then he thinks FDR was president in 1929,
    Then he thinks Hilary would be a better veep then him.
    Then he thinks if Nobama were elected we will be attacked by somebody – he isn’t sure who.
    Then he thinks he is better prepared then Sarah to be veep.
    He isn’t qualified to be a conductor on that train he takes from Delaware to the capitol to go to work in the senate. Thank God he doesn’t go to work too often.
    Nobama shows so little judgement in picking this loser to be a running mate that I have concluded that the two of them are nothing but empty suits with a voice recorder inside.
    God help us if they get the jobs they want!

    Paul the cop

  9. This joe biden interview or non-interview shows the public the secrecy the Obama campaign has. They will not answer the tough questions. The elite media do not ask them tough questions either. I hope the american people wake up and see what is going on here. After they are elected IF they get elected we’ll find out all the details which will be too late. Wake up America. Your lives are about to change and you are not going to like what you get on Nov. 5. Vote for John McCain and get others out to vote for him too. We know what he is all about. Do you really want to elect someone you don’t know?? I hope not for all of our sakes.

  10. That was a great interview. Joe Biden’s answers were spot-on. I think the controversy comes because the questions were loaded, quite subjective and even at times uninformed, much like the vitriol coming from the GOP (like a vote for Obama = a new holocaust email sent to Jews in Penn.). And honestly, her questions showed no sense of objective journalism, which does nothing to bring our country together.

    As a game in comparative objectives, I would love to see questions from Barbara West to the Bush Admin. regarding 1) the lies that led us to the Iraq War, 2) what the admin. knew about 9/11 threat prior to the attacks, 3) Rove and Cheney’s role in the Joe Wilson smear campaign, 4) the ridiculous rate of spending from this admin. during the last 8 years, 5) the Katherine Harris fiasco in Florida, 6) the voter-fraud issues with rigged voting machines in Ohio in 2004, 7) the “phantom” explosions and subsequent fires in the largest US armory in Iraq that went unaddressed by our military, 8) the suppression of the media to have footage of the Iraq war shown in the US as well as the “ban” on filming of flag-draped caskets returning home from the Middle East, 9) the cover-up of Pat Tillman’s murder, 10)the soft treatment and courting of Saudi officials over the last 8 years, 11)the Scooter Libby pardon, 12)the direct link of the Bush admin. to the specific leaders of the religious right, including Haggard and his cronies, 13) the vanishing act of Bush and Cheney over the last 6 months, 14) the inaccuracies and ommisions of the 9/11 Commisions official report, 15) the glaring inacurracies of the “scientific” explanations of the collapse of WTT 1, 2, & 7, 16)the bungling of the admin. in addressing the needs of the people after Hurricane Katrina, 17) why Cheney still refuses to follow the law with a financial disclosure that is required of all elected officials, 18) what happened to Laura Bush’s “fight” for literacy that has apparently been derailed, 19) the profits made by those in this admin. since the passing of NCLB legislation, and 20) why we deverted our military attention from Bin Laden and Afghanistan to Hussein and Iraq.

    There are literally dozens more issues over the last 8 years that could use some hard hitting questions, and I would like to see how she would have approached these issues in an interview. Since Ms. West is a journalist, I would assume her approach would be just as pointed and there should be a record of her approach toward such issues over the last 8 years since she is a member of the MSM–so dig into the archives, wonks and see if this angle of questioning has ever been employed against the Bush administration over the last 8 years!!!

  11. A dumb journalist should be interviewing Palin instead. They would have more in common. Biden doesn’t need to waste his time on this one who asks REALLY IGNORANT QUESTIONS showing she has not done her homework. Reminds me of another politician . . .

  12. I can’t believe the “gaul” of Sen. Biden to pass judgement on whether someone’s questions are legitimate or not. It is a shame that the Democrats don’t need any press coverage due to their too large campaign contributions. It is just a prelude of what to expect from two attornies that don’t need to answer to anyone. Yes, lets snub the American public too! I hate elitist jerks. His “little smile” is just treating the other person like his “pet dog”.

    Also, how many times has someone quoted that Obama’s suit cost $1,500 each. Does he account for them like the media is hounding Palin?

    Someone needs to step up and see if Obama is even eligible to be our President since he was born in Kenya. His father would have to be a US National, or his father would need to meet the alien requirement of living here for five years, or Obama himself would need to be born before 5/24/1934.

    I understand that some countries require you to give up your US Citizenship in order to gain employment of any kind. Did his mother do that? Also, there is some sort of requirement that you need to revisit the United States at least once per year. Did she do that with her son while living abroad?

  13. dbrigham: You appear to be an articulate person but you really should take a pill or something. You sound like you’re a recent graduate of one our pro Obama/anti Bush, Rove, Cheney left wing indoctrination centers (College Campus). Try that shit out on some lefty professor that likes to hear himself talk so it can be regurgitated back by one of his lemming students. While you’re at it ask him how the economy could grow for 6 years under Bush and as soon as the Democrats took over and started “spreading the wealth” it tanked.

  14. I’m confused here…. what was wrong with his answers to the questions? I thought he answered directly to some of the more ridiculous questions. Very uninfomed journalism.

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