Extortion anyone?

Power is addictive, just ask David Hogg

There is a difference between a stupid stunt, which is what this type of protest is, and demanding the target pay up or else. Tom Knighton nails it

The problem here is simple. David Hogg has gotten a taste of power and, like the old saying goes, power corrupts. Now, granted, Hogg started off down a dark path by trying to destroy people’s civil liberties, but he’s young. The young are often so idealistic that they don’t really think through things. He may well have believed that all the things he’s proposed would make the world better.

Yet now he’s trying to intimidate a corporation into donating a significant sum of money to a cause he supports.

That’s extortion.

Oh, Hogg and his followers can easily justify it. After all, everything is justifiable if you don’t really have hard and fast principles.

It was one thing when Hogg was calling for boycotts. While that was laughable too, at least it was consistent not just with free speech but the law as a whole.

What he’s doing now is arguably a crime. It certainly would be if you changed the context. If you told someone to pay out a million bucks or face potential damage to your business, you’d get arrested…

…unless you’re a political advocate, apparently.

*VIDEO* Joe Dan Gorman – Intellectual Froglegs: Red Tsunami

Red Tsunami – Intellectual Froglegs from IntellectualFroglegs w Joe Dan on Vimeo.



The Left is really proud of their anti-social mental disorders

Batshit Crazy, ugly, and hateful is no way to go through life

Sure, civil discourse is impossible with knuckle draggers like this gem of a person

A disruptive heckler who was filmed harassing Dave Rubin during a speech at the University of Hampshire on May 1 turns out to be a Senior Lecturer in Women’s Studies at UNH.

Rubin, a well-known gay, Democrat online talk show host, has recently gained popularity among young conservatives for his willingness to provide a platform to conservative personalities such as Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, and transgender conservative commentator Blaire White. His May 1 UNH speech largely focused on civil discourse, free speech, and tolerance of ideas.

Protesters endeavored to shut down the lecture before it even began, forming a human chain in an attempt to block the entrance to the venue, which had already been changed by campus police due to “security concerns.”

Eventually, several of the protesters managed to gain access to the event, and were captured on video as they shouted over Rubin’s speech.

Truly vile, pathetic people. Closed minded hate-filled bigots Here is video of the whole affair

Islamist group targets non-believers in Canada

Peaceful? No!

Two shores of lakes north of Toronto were closed to visitors after broken glass bottles, nails, and needles were found strewn about. Some bottles were buried in the ground with the jagged edges deliberately facing up.

Ontario police are investigating the affair and it is not known who is responsible for distributing dangerous objects on beaches.

A letter was sent a few weeks ago to a local newspaper with a message from the “Revolutionary Islamic Force” claiming responsibility for sabotaging beaches north of Toronto and warning that similar operations would be carried out on other beaches throughout and north of Toronto.

The letter notes the motive for the action is Canada’s refusal to embrace Islam and continued following of the “Great Satan,” the United States.

“Infidels, you allow your women to walk on the beach naked and disgraceful. Your women are prostitutes,” the letter said, threatening to destroy tourist sites, attack people, carry out attacks on trains, poison drinking water, and burn forests. The letter recommends that Canadian citizens convert to Islam and follow the dictates of Muhammad.

Let us hope these threats are taken seriously, and that those behind these acts are found, arrested, and dealt with severely