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Bad day to be a carjacker

A late-night fill up for an Arizona man turned into an attempted carjacking at a convenience store in Phoenix.  Authorities say a 19-year old was in his car with his driver’s door open as he was gassing up when two individuals, one armed with a knife, decided to try to carjack the victim.

One of the suspects, a woman, approached the man in an attempt to distract him, while her male accomplice crept up on the intended victim from the back of the car. Not only did their target have the situational awareness to notice the knife-wielding man, the 19-year old was armed and able to protect himself as well.

According to the police, the suspect demanded the 19-year-old’s car.

At that point, the victim got out his handgun and fired shots at the carjacker. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The woman ran away.

The intended victim then entered the convenience store and waited for police to arrive. According to the latest information, the case is still under investigation, but if initial reports are accurate, it seems highly unlikely that this armed citizen will be facing any charges.

In many states, however, the armed citizen would likely be facing charges, simply because of his age. In Arizona, you have to be 21 to carry a firearm concealed, but once you’re 18 you can open carry legally. Across the country, gun control activists are trying to raise the age to own or purchase a firearm. Oddly enough, many of these same activists are actively working to lower the voting age to 16 as well, which seems contradictory to me.

Again, it is different when Democrats do it

Does anyone recall that when the Democrats, led by Rep Jerry Nadler tried to deport Sebastian Gorka? No? Surely the media covered this story, I mean look how they are all over the president for his “if they don’t like it they can leave” remarks. President Trump did not even mention deporting the Squad. Yet the media is going nuts as if he did. But when a Democrat actually tried to deport an American citizen……..

The mainstream media can’t stop talking about how President Trump is a racist for tweeting that four Democrat members of Congress can “go back to where they came from.” But when Democrats threatened to deport naturalized U.S. citizen Sebastian Gorka over phony allegations, the media yawned.

Reps. Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib — also known as “The Squad” — were spewing anti-Semitic rhetoric, calling Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi racist, and insinuating that if you aren’t an activist for any non-white race or ethnicity, the Democrats don’t need you.

President Trump did call The Squad out, but not for their religion of race, as the left is saying. No the president called them out over their extreme leftist positions and rhetoric. And he never called for deportation. Democrats, however

In 2017, Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) asked the White House to hand over Gorka’s immigration paperwork to the House Judiciary Committee. Gorka is a British-born Hungarian-American who was naturalized in 2012, five years before Nadler attempted to use state power to intimidate him.

Nadler cited a hit piece written by The Forward attempted to link Gorka to far-right anti-Semitic groups in Hungary. The headline of the article read: “EXCLUSIVE: Nazi-Allied Group Claims Top Trump Aide Sebastian Gorka As Sworn Member.”

Go read it all, and remember that our media had zero interest in that story. Just like they have no interest in focusing on the despicable rhetoric the Squad is spewing

The ugly bigotry of Rep Ayanna Pressley

The left wants conformity. It divides people along racial/religious/gender lines first. Next it teaches these people that their entire identity is their color, gender, sexual orientation etc. Then it demonizes, belittles and attacks any member of these groups that dares think as an individual. Consider these remarks by Democratic Rep Ayanna Pressley

Got that!  Ayanna will tell you what your identity is, and what you should think and say, based on that identity. In sort conform or else. Well, Jon Miller is not feeling Massa Ayanna, not at all

“Well by being black, my voice is automatically a black voice. That’s how it works,” he wrote. “What she ACTUALLY means is we don’t need minorities who don’t want to be a progressive voice.”

“And that, my friend, is the true definition of discrimination.”

“She just handed me this one on a platter,” Miller later added. “What an idiot.”

Again, Massa Ayanna is really acting like a modern day slave owner. She is demanding members of certain groups think as they are told, or else

Pressley’s comments are essentially a purity test. The elected Democrat is suggesting black, brown, and queer people who don’t think like her — people like Miller — need to shut their mouths; they are of no use to their identity group, but a hindrance, and perhaps traitors.

As Matt Walsh explains Massa Ayanna is a damn bigot

Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), now known as the Ringo Starr of the so-called “Squad,” is, like the other members of her far-left girl group, a raging bigot. While they go into spasms of outrage over President Trump’s stupid tweet, we must bear in mind that, when it comes to denouncing bigotry, none of these four have a leg to stand on — especially Pressley, who now proudly owns one of the most absurdly bigoted statements we’ve heard from an American politician in decades.

Leftists like Pressley feel perfectly entitled to issue directives of this sort, authoritatively instructing the plebes as to what they may and may not say and think based on the demographic and identity groups to which they belong. Her talk of “brown voices” is telling. She doesn’t see brown, black, Muslim, and “queer” people as distinct individuals with their own opinions and perspectives. Rather, she, like any modern leftist, sees racial and ethnic groups as monoliths — and every member is a mindless, faceless “representative” of that whole. And the whole, Pressley has decided, must vote Democrat, support things like affirmative action, universal health care, and abortion, and affirm every last leftist doctrine without exception. Any member who falls outside of the box Pressley and her ilk have created is anathema. At best, useless. At worst, a heretic who should be burned at the stake (or bludgeoned with a crowbar, as is Antifa’s preferred method).

An ordinary bigot may simply feel that his race or ethnicity tends to be superior to other races and ethnicities. That is a stupid and harmful view, to be sure, but it’s child’s play compared to the sort of bigotry Pressley has promoted. She wishes to erase the individual and live in a world consisting only of homogenous, amorphic “identities,” where every person is but a mere mouthpiece for an ethnic hive mind. It is a bigotry far more insidious and horrifying than the sort of bigotry she constantly (and often fallaciously) finds in the hearts of others.

Nailed it!


Saw this today from Zendo Deb.

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They would love to outlaw math. TRENDING: Educators work to combat racism, whiteness in math.

Whiteness in math? Math is math. 2+2=4. Simple, but not to the left. Because RAAAAACISM!

“Teaching math for social justice – this paper shares the process of analyzing school math curriculum as an entryway to engage elementary age students’ awareness around the hidden curriculum, transphobia, and genderism,” Yeh has shared.

An entryway to engage students? No, indoctrinate students is more the purpose. More here at Clayton Cramer

“Math equity” doesn’t mean 1 + 1 = 2.

The term refers to the growing insistence among educators that teaching math in the classroom comes with some inherently biased methodology that must be addressed.
Proponents of “math equity” also stress the importance of social justice issues such as race, diversity and gender in math education — a trend that’s catching on.

More professors and educators are tweeting under the hashtag #MathEquity to share strategies on the topic, and webinars and other pedagogical sessions on it abound.
“Equity-based mathematics teaching requires more than implementing new curriculum or using specific practices because it involves taking a stand for what is right,” the website for the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics states.

“It requires mathematics teachers to reflect on their own identity, positions, and beliefs in regards to racist and sorting-based mechanisms. It involves noticing students, learning about the worlds they live in, and building mathematics that comes from these worlds. And finally, it involves engaging other educators in partnerships to build equity-oriented communities.”

Unbelievable! Clayton also posts this video, which fits the stupidity of the left